How It’s Made: Summer Harvest Mirror by Christopher Guy

How It’s Made: Summer Harvest Mirror by Christopher Guy

Christopher Guy keeps the art of craftsmanship alive. This spectacular Summer Harvest oval mirror is brought to life by the most skillful master-carvers in the world at the CG factory in Java. We will walk you through the process of producing luxury mirrors and the incredible story behind Christopher Guy, a British luxury furniture designer.


About Christopher Guy

Christopher Guy Harrison was born in Britain and raised in France. He first became inspired by the world of decorative style while growing up in the 1970s along the shoreline of the French Riviera. Christopher became fascinated with the natural elegance of French design.



Manufacturing facility in Indonesia

All Christopher Guy Furniture pieces are made at his manufacturing facility located in Java, Indonesia. Christopher Guy uses only the highest quality raw timber purchased from sources that conform to SVLK (“Indonesia Legal Wood”) and/or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) protocols and standards. His SVLK and FSC accreditation involve audits of his timber suppliers regarding the legality/sustainability of the timber sources, as well as periodic audits of our manufacturing processes, specifically the administrative and production systems in place to track the timber as it is processed in the factory.



Detailed Craftsmanship

Everything Christopher Guy design and make is handcrafted by generations of artisans whose craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation.


Christopher Guy’s workshops in Java were designed and built in 1999, an area that covers 20 acres in lush fertile hills, which are unlike any workshops in the world. Think of a five-star luxury resort with incredible objects being made within.


Christopher Guy: How It's Made

See the marvelous production of a Christopher Guy mirror that is handcrafted and made with remarkable detail.

Creators of the world's most fabulous lifestyles, Christopher Guy is a collection of elegance, which is central to the philosophy of the brand. Each piece is hand-crafted to perfection and because of this, no two Christopher Guy pieces are the same. The design blends the line between art and furniture, a result unlike anything else. 

Summer Harvest Mirror by Christopher Guy

Allow the passion, knowledge, and philosophy of a Grayson Luxury Design Associate help you tailor your bespoke Christopher Guy Furniture. Visit the Design Studio to touch and feel the over 30 finishes, 300 fabric and 20 material combinations available for your bespoke piece. 


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