How To Clean Leather Furniture? The Ultimate Furniture Cleaning Guide

How To Clean Leather Furniture? The Ultimate Furniture Cleaning Guide

We all want to keep our leather furniture looking brand new for as long as possible. So today at Grayson Luxury we are sharing our favorite tips on cleaning furniture. If you’re looking for an ultimate furniture cleaning guide, you found it!



How to clean leather furniture?

Leather furniture can last a really long time. It usually holds up a lot better than fabric furniture. It’s also usually easier to keep clean. The downside is that it can get scratched easily compared to fabric furniture. That’s why we advise applying wax to protect the leather from damage.

For the best results, you should clean your leather furniture once a week. Use a damp cloth and wipe or buff away any noticeable stains. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment to clear up any debris and crumbs from seams and corners. Finish up with a light layer of protectant in the form of wax or special leather conditioner. 




How to clean spills/wet stains from your leather couch?

If you spill something on your leather couch, cover the spill with a microfiber cloth to soak up excess moisture. Do not to rub the stain! That will set the stain and it will be harder to remove. The next step is to gently clean the area by wiping with a damp cloth. If the stain is still noticeable, use a special leather stain remover or consult your local dry cleaner.


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