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How To Make A Bed | Interior Design Tips

How To Make A Bed | Interior Design Tips

The perfect way to start your morning routine is by making your bed. To make your bed looking as perfect as the ones created by the pros, it’s easier and faster than you think. We prepared a few simple tips that will make your bed look fresh and inviting. 

how to make a bed

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Compositions Adela NightstandCompositions Adela Nightstand


Invest in good quality sheets

High-end sheets will not only last longer but will save you time. Since they wrinkle a lot less, they usually don't require ironing. They have a higher thread count, which makes them a lot softer than regular sheets. Make sure you have multiple sets on hand, at least two so when one set is in wash, the other one is on the bed. 

Chose fitted sheets over regular ones. They are not as hard to fold as it seems! Slip the corners over the mattress and pull taut. They’re so easy to get on the bed and will save your time in the morning since you never have to fix them. 


Check out Anita Jabbour's method:

how to make bed

When you buy a mattress cover to protect your mattress from spills, don't forget to choose breathable fabrics. It will be a lot more comfortable to sleep at night.

Caracole Bedroom

Interior design tips

Caracole Mon Cheri Bed | Caracole You're a Beauty! Nightstand

How to properly fold flat sheets?

When it comes to flat sheets if they are patterned, the printed side should be face down. Lay the flat sheet on top of the fitted sheet, making sure that it is even on both sides. Fold over the top of the flat sheet and tuck the sides and the end under the mattress.
A dream come true nightstand- Caracole

Caracole lafayette upholstered king size bed

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How to make bed tips

Caracole Compositions Lafayette BedCaracole A Dream Come True Nightstand

Finish it off with a comforter and blanket

The next step is pretty easy, just place a layer of your choice: blanket, comforter, or duvet. You can also add an additional blanket on the top to keep the bed looking cozy.

Glow in the dark nightstand

classic beauty nightstand by Caracole

luxury nightstands by Caracole

Caracole A Classic Beauty NightstandCaracole Glow In The Dark Nightstand


Decorate with pillows

Your bed wouldn’t be complete without some beautiful accents. Add some decorative pillows on the top of the bed. If you have a king bed, I suggest placing three euro size pillows or two king size pillows in the back. Place your sleeping pillows behind them. If you have a closet or somewhere where you can store your everyday sleeping pillows that’s even better. Additionally, you can add two smaller pillows in front of bigger pillows. That's it! Your bed should look as good as the ones from interior magazines. 

luxury bed at grayson luxury

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