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How To: Parisian Style Home Decor

How To: Parisian Style Home Decor

It's hard not to like the Parisian Style, it's simple and timeless. Classic, but with a modern twist. If you're looking to change up your home's design to something more refined and chic, then keep reading! We share tips on the effortless style of Parisian Interior Design.
Elle Decor- Parisian Style Home
Source: Elle Decor
Mokum Sofa
Source: Mokum

Simple Background

You almost never see bright walls in a French home. Parisians prefer to choose classic paint colors like white and grey, that complements wood herringbone floors and wall trim perfectly. Highlight architectural character! That's the beauty of Parisian apartments. They believe it makes the room feel more spacious and elegant. That doesn't mean their apartments are bland. French people add character to space, by selecting colorful art, furniture in deep colors, or decorative accents.
Home decor- Parisian style
Caracole The Parisian DeskCaracole The Ribbon BedCaracole The Parisian Nightstand

How to: Parisian Style Home Decor
Source: Elle Decor
Parisian Style Home Decor

Source: Elle Decor

Mix Styles

French people are bold, they are not afraid of mixing styles they like. Want your living room to be a mix of traditional with midcentury pieces, and modern art? Try it! Pair romantic, tufted bed with simple and modern nightstand. How about a traditional sofa and eclectic coffee table. That's how you can create the most interesting and genuine interiors.
Parisian Size Home Decor
Caracole The Aristocrat NightstandCaracole Compositions Avondale BedCaracole Compositions Adela Nightstand

Elle Decor
Source: Elle Decor
Elle Decor- Interior Design
Source: Elle Decor

Don't forget about the Details

Parisian interiors are rarely ostentatious, but they often have a glistening accent, like in the form of a decorative French chandelier The idea is to make your home look and feel luxurious even without furniture. Selecting a ceiling fixture that looks elegant and original, will create a more sophisticated space.

decorative French chandelier
Palecek Selita Coco ChandelierSchonbek 3610 Sterling 25 Lights 45 inch ChandelierJohn Richard Nine Light Chandelier

Elle Decor Interiors
Source: Elle Decor
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