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WINTER SALE: SALE 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Meet The Designer: Caracole

Meet The Designer: Caracole

Caracole creates high-end furniture, full of character, and offered at an exceptional value.

Schnadig International Corporation, founded by Lawrence K. Schnadig, introduced the Caracole line of products in 2009. Since then Caracole has proven itself, updating its style to understated luxury.

Caracole uses unique materials and creates individual pieces. Distinctive pieces are filled with personality and will match any room of your home. Caracole loves to create sophisticated pieces and incorporate multi-functional elements, like hidden electronic charging stations, innovative storage options, and other special details.


Toni Sims

The Quintessential Chest

Christopher Sandomenico

Meet the designer- Christopher Sandomenico

In 2001, Sandomenico earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Furniture Design at Kendall College of Art and Design. Christopher Sandomenico understands the business of furniture design and is highly skilled in interior design. For the last 17 years, he has been the designer for Schnadig and its Caracole Furniture brand. In 2013 and 2018, Sandomenico received Pinnacle Awards.

“I have a certain connection with ancient architecture and reinventing it with modern detail.” — Designer Christopher Sandomenico

The Pinnacle Awards honor outstanding individuals whose original solutions maximize resources and enhance student achievement. 

Caracole Black Beauty Chair
Black Beauty from Christopher Sandomenico for Caracole was presented the top award in the Stationary Upholstery category. Sandomenico designed the chair to reflect classic Windsor styling in a modern light. “We absolutely love the combination of materials and that separated it from the other finalists,” the judges said.

Meet the designer- Caracole

Anthony Michael Interiors

Caracole Couture Photo
Instagram Caracole Couture Photo Shown by @angelineguidodesign

Anthony Michael Interiors


Pop Your Collar Chair

Caracole Pop Your Collar
In the Stationary Upholstery category, Christopher Sandomenico’s Pop Your Collar Chair took home the prize. The judges loved the fabric to frame application.

This exceptional chair has a considerable presence. Its tall winged back design is expertly upholstered in a luxurious chocolate plum satin and trimmed in a silhouetted wood frame wearing a Golden Shimmer finish. Of particular note is the extraordinary tailored finger-pleat detail along its inside lumbar. Expertly trimmed with a metal bar finished in Champagne Gold, this elegant detail matches the metal ferrules on its front feet. Inspired by the glamour of the Hollywood Regency era, this signature chair is simply magical, masterfully fresh, and all Caracole refined.

Browse Caracole furniture on our website and see gallery for inspiration. It can be hard to envision how one or two pieces will work with your existing furniture. Allow the passion, knowledge, and philosophy of a Grayson Living Design Associate help you tailor your Caracole Furniture.


About Caracole

Caracole represents a beautiful turn in a new direction. Caracole creates high-style furniture, filled with personality, and at an exceptional value. Selecting unique materials and designing individual pieces, rather than collections, Caracole disregards the notion that particular pieces must reside in particular rooms. And in the process, distinctive pieces come to life, for every room of the home.
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