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WINTER SALE: SALE 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
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Accessories To Add Beauty And Glamour To Your Home

Home décor accessories can add personality to any home while adding some energy, vibes while displaying your taste. For instance, adding some plants in the room can make the space feel relaxed and livelier, while if you hang an animal-themed wall hanging in your room, it tells that you are a wildlife lover. There is no rule to accessorize and you can include an eclectic mix, to create a space that you desire. Just choose the right accessories and make your home feel inviting. Take a look at some of the interesting ideas about how you can arrange some accessories in your home.

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Flowers and Plants to Add Energy

Using greenery inside has become the latest trend. From tiny succulents to colorful flowers displayed in vases, you can arrange them in clusters at a place or simply scatter them throughout your room. These arrangements will purify the air around while also make space look more close to nature. If you can maintain real ones, nothing can be better. But if you are lazy, and looking for low maintenance ones, choose faux.

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Lamps and Lightings

In a cozy bedroom, especially a French-themed one, lighting plays a major role. You can set the mood of the room by installing modern floor lamps, pendant lights, bedside table lamps, and even chandeliers in bigger rooms. If you wish to create a warmer nook, lights with dimmers can be used. When it comes to design perspective, do not hesitate to experiment and change the room’s energy.

Global Views Cube Slab Table Lamp

Add Rugs for Warmth and Depth

A nice textured rug can become the focal point of the room while adding some warmth and depth simultaneously. Further, an area rug can tie the entire space together. You can choose the patterns and colors, as per your choice preferences and what complements your décor.

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Framed Wall Arts

At times the room feels incomplete but you can add a finishing look with hanging objects. By hanging some favorite framed wall arts, you can make a home indeed feel like a home. You can also display some of your cherished memories captured in photographs and create a gallery wall on a big empty wall.

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Mix of Textures

There is no limit to using multiple textures in a room. For instance, a leather couch or sofa-sectional, a cashmere or frilled throw, a wool or jute rug, etc. to create a room with a mix of hard and soft, rough and smooth.

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