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WINTER SALE: SALE 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Caracole Upholstery Empress Sofa

All You Should Know About Sofa And Couches Quality

The sofa makes a big investment in terms of furniture pieces in any home as no one replaces it too often and wants to get one that will last over some years. But you can’t judge the sofa quality just by looking at it, as it goes much beyond that. But what lies inside your sofa will decide its actual quality. Your sofa cushion filling won’t just decide the quality but also the comfort factor and its durability.

Caracole Double Date Settee


A major determinant in deciding how long your sofa-sectional will last is the frame, and be assured that a quality sofa is sure to have a strong and sturdy frame. The best wood framed couch is the one that is made of kiln-dried hardwood. Kiln-drying removes all the moisture from the wood making it more stable over the long run. Extra attention needs to be paid to the joints as well if they are properly glued, dowelled, and screwed.

Caracole Edge Upholstery Sofa

Seating Support

Another factor that will decide how much comfortable and good quality your sofa is its seating support. Sit on the sofa to test for the seating quality. Any sofa-sectional with a sturdy frame provides an anchor for good seating support and filling augments it. The best support system is provided by an eight-way hand-tied springs system. Another way is the Sinuous spring construction that is “S” shaped and runs from front to seat’s back. Yet another way is the web suspension with webbing bands across the seats and backs, though it is the least preferable.

Caracole Upholstery Empress Sofa

Cushion Filling

One major determinant in deciding the quality and durability of your couch and sofa is the filling inside the cushion. High-density polyurethane is the most commonly used one. Make sure that you get high-density foam because higher the density, the firmer the cushion will be. Less foam means it breaks down quickly and becomes sags. If you wish to have a soft seat, consider down cushions, but are expensive and require high-maintenance. Down used in combination with other materials is also a considerable but expensive option.

Caracole Upholstery Just Coasting Sofa


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