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FALL SALE: SAVE 15% WITH CODE FALL15 ON $2,000+ (Some Exclusions)
Hooker Furniture Dining Room Roslyn County Spindle Back Arm Chair

Buying Guide For Antique Chairs

Antique chairs make a great vintage accessory and are available in numerous styles, sizes, and purposes. They can make beautiful ornate seating and if you too wish to have an antique chair in your living space, then let's know a bit more about them. Italian Heritage Rose Chair below is such a beautiful chair of this kind.

Italian Heritage Rose Chair

Difference between Antique and Vintage Chairs

Antique chairs look captivating and at times intricate, and are prized for age and rarity. If you want authentic antiques, you may ask for purchase receipts to verify that they belonged to someone famous. Otherwise, you can even get the product accessed by the expert. Always remember, antiques are usually at least 100 years old. Take a look at the Hooker Furniture Corsica Oval Back Chair Side Chair here.

Hooker Furniture Corsica Oval Back Chair Side Chair

A thing can be vintage even if it is less than 100 years old, but is very unique, with limited availability, making it valuable or prized. Take a look at this beautiful Italian Heritage Vintage Chair below.

Italian Heritage Vintage Chair

Where to Find These Modern Accent Chairs?

Estate Sale is a good option to pick up antique or vintage items. But for this, you need to have knowledge of genuine age and good antiques in general. Have a look at the Versace Zar Arm Chair below.

Versace Zar Arm Chair

Second-hand Shops
Many times shop keepers have antiques without realizing what they have. However, there is a possibility that the product is of lower quality.

Antique Stores
These are some special antiques selling shops. Be careful to check whether they're selling antiques or are just a second-hand store. Usually, a true antique store will have higher prices. Have a look at this Italian Heritage Bow Chair below.

Italian Heritage Bow Chair
Antique Auctions:
They are just like an art auction where there are deals and you might end up finding something special.

What to Check while Buying an Antique or Vintage Chair?

Maker’s Signature or Manufacturing Marks:
While the signature is commonly found on older, handmade furniture; the marks on items are more likely to be termed vintage. Take a look at Classico Chair and Ottoman here.

Classico Chair and Ottoman

Wood or Metal Framework Condition:
Check if you can use your item for normal use while restoring with the antiques.

Eden Dining Chair

Why Buy Antique or Vintage Chairs?

Amazing Accent Pieces: Antique and vintage chairs look gorgeous. Vintage chairs, like vinyl chairs, velvet accent chairs, and vintage swivel accent chairs can make a striking statement.

Investment: You always don't need to sell an item to realize value from it, genuine antiques will become rarer and not common.

Hooker Furniture Dining Room Roslyn County Spindle Back Arm Chair

Buying can be Fun: Be it buying them to fill the empty space in your favorite nook or be it getting into an antique business, shopping for antique and vintage furniture is always adventurous.

Hooker Furniture Dining Room Ciao Bella Spindle Back Arm Chair


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