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Marge Carson Palms Bedroom Set

Choosing Bed And Mattress Of Right Height Can Be Easier With This Guide

Mattress height is often considered as a measuring factor in determining the size of the bed when buying a new bed. While it should always be the other way round. The bed should decide the mattress’s height. Choosing the right bed and mattress height become important for better comfort, posture, and overall health. Read the expert guide on how you should decide the appropriate height of your bed and mattress that will work for you.

Marge Carson Malibu Bedroom Set 2

Consider Bed’s Height

Well, there should be a proper proportion of your height and the bed’s height for a sound sleep experience. In case you are petite, then you might need some stool or a raised platform to reach the bed, but if you are tall enough there won’t be a problem in reaching your mattress. Ideal bed height is about two feet from the ground and should reach your knee level.

Marge Carson Palms Bedroom Set

In case you have physical issues, there is a requirement of specific bed height, talk a standard mattress height, and a bed frame accordingly. Some most common bed heights include:

Adjustable Bed Height

Adjustable bed height is usually controlled using a remote control or by connecting it to your phone. They have adjustable legs, under-bed lighting, and even USB ports to connect electronics. You can just lower or increase your adjustable bed’s height according to whatever you do, from reading to eating or sleeping.

Marge Carson Equinox Bedroom Set

Platform Bed Height

If you want a flat foundation and not much extra height platform beds are the best for you. They are stable and memory foam mattresses usually work great with these beds.

Christopher Guy Bois De Vincennes Bedroom Set Floor Sample

Trundle Bed Height

Well if you are someone who constantly keeps moving or likes to change their sleeping place in room but get the same comfort then this bed is for you. Trundle beds are designed with rollers and provide extra sleeping space. They also make a perfect partner with memory foam mattresses.

Carson Ensemble Panel Bed

Pillow Top Bed Height

Pillow top along with a mattress will add a layer of cushioning and thus, added height. The padding inside your pillow can be of cotton, latex, regular, memory foam, or polyurethane foam that are popular pillow top fillers.

Carson Ensemble Panel Bed- Pillow Top

Once you are able to find out which bed’s height is the perfect one for you, then you can find a bed frame, box spring, and mattress that work well together.


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