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WINTER SALE: SALE 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Tommy Bahama Home Kingstown Admiralty Desk Chair

Comfortable Office Chairs Buying Guide

Spending long working hours on the office chair is not always comfortable. A bad chair can sprain your back, arms, neck, shoulders, and spine while the most comfortable office chair will keep you focused. It can also increase your productivity while ensuring overall wellbeing.
If you’re planning to replace your old chair and look for an ergonomically designed new office chair, take a look at these helpful tips for improving the comfort it brings to you.

Sligh Cascades Gilmore Desk Chair

Switch Between Sitting and Standing

Sitting for long hours in the office is detrimental to your health, which may lead to heart problems and other serious health problems. It is advisable to move around and mix up your positions as often as possible, rather than sitting down glued to your chair in the same position. Keep switching between standing and sitting at regular intervals throughout the day to avoid serious back and neck problems.

Sligh Bal Harbour Rum Runner Desk Chair

Keep Your Back Rest Flexible

If your work hours are less, those rigid back chairs may still work fine but can be problematic if you have long working hours. You can't just leave your seat and take a stroll as some jobs demand you to monitor screen or manage phones for longer continued durations. If you wish to move, your chair should move with you. A leather swivel chair is ergonomic and features a tilting backrest mechanism, helping you to reposition your body comfortably without leaving your station.

Sligh Cross Effect Desk Chair

Adjust Your Armrests

Lack of armrests can put a strain on your spine. Armrests support arms while working for long durations and help to reduce tension in both your shoulders and neck. They add to the overall comfort, so look for a chair with armrests and the ones that are adjustable. Also, remember too high armrests can enforce a raised shoulder posture that can lead to tension.

Sligh Studio Designs Parchment Writing Desk

Make Practical Choices

The back of your chair should support your back while encouraging healthy postures. Some chairs offer firm though padded seats and backrests, giving you added comfort for long hours. Practicality and comfort should always be a priority over style, when it comes to office chairs!

Caracole Debut Parisian Desk

Buy Swivel Chair

Maneuverability should always be an important consideration when choosing an office chair. Look for a chair with wheels that can let you move easily between spaces, while you are already sitting. In the case of fixed chairs, struggling for out-of-reach items, like a phone, file cabinet, etc. can put a strain not just on your arms, but also shoulders and neck. Swivel chairs are multi-tasking, which enable you to move smoothly within the workspace with a minimum negative impact on your body.

Tommy Bahama Home Kingstown Admiralty Desk Chair


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