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FALL SALE: SAVE 15% WITH CODE FALL15 ON $2,000+ (Some Exclusions)
Caracole Upholstery Grand Opening Sectional Sofa

Cosmopolitan Interior For Your Modern Living Room

When it comes to being formal, the living room is where you entertain guests and visitors the most. This is the reason why your living room should look sophisticated and timeless simultaneously. If you wish to create a living room that looks high-end and gets praises every time, then it must be carefully planned and requires lots of attention. Take a look at some of these cosmopolitan interior ideas using which you can transform even a boring living room into a sophisticated family retreat. Have a look at this Gamma Saks Sectional Floor Sample below.

Gamma Saks Sectional Floor Sample

Focus on Colors

Every great-looking living room begins by deciding on a nice color palette that even requires consideration of your room’s size. If it is a small room, dark tones can look overwhelming and make the area claustrophobic, but these colors can work in larger spaces. It is always the best idea to opt for neutral shades like beige, white, and grey that work perfectly in every space. Take a look at the Caracole Splash Of Flash Sofa here.

Caracole Splash Of Flash Sofa

Let Furniture Reflect Your Style

Your furniture choice speaks a lot about your personality. The upholstery like velvet and silk has a very rich texture that you can use on your sofa or accent chairs, only if you are ready to give attention to their maintenance. Unify the design by adding throw pillows in the same or contrasting color palette. Have a look at Caracole Remix Refresh Sofa below.

Caracole Remix Refresh Sofa

Add Coziness with Rug

Do you also feel that the room seems empty, just in case your floors are bare? So, why not add some area rugs to make the space welcoming and warm. They come in all shapes, colors, and designs, to help create a sophisticated feel. A cozy rug will look playful and add warmth too. You can have an arrangement like below with Caracole Fusion Upholstery Sectionals.

Caracole Fusion Upholstery Sectionals

Let There be Light

Colors, furniture, rugs, everything will look beautiful and come to notice only when the lighting is enough. How your room’s lighting is arranged, the bulb’s color temperature, types of lights used – accent, task, and ambiance, etc. can decide the overall ambiance of the room. Also, any living room is incomplete without modern lighting like a chandelier or pendant lights. Take a look at the Caracole Classic The Silver Screen Cabinet below.

Caracole Classic The Silver Screen Cabinet

Reflection, Shine, and Chic

Reflective surfaces can add to space’s elegance, while also making your modern room design look bigger. If you simply place a mirror opposite any light source or a window the brightness simply doubles, giving a more spacious feel. Mirrors also reflect light and provide a touch of luxury. A similar effect can also be achieved with warm metallic finishes in gold or copper, or steel and silver. Take a look at Caracole Repetition Buffet Sideboard below.

Caracole Repetition Buffet Sideboard

The Final Touch

To add final touches to your living room, choose artwork that will add colors in the room together. Add rich textures with throws and pillows and also use other elements like glass, copper, velvet, etc. Take a look at Caracole Upholstery Grand Opening Sectional Sofa here.

Caracole Upholstery Grand Opening Sectional Sofa


With these steps stay assured that you can create an amazing urban décor interior. Visit Grayson Luxury to explore the most amazing collection of luxury Italian furniture and other luxurious home décor accessories. We, at Grayson Luxury, are offering complimentary online e-design services and luxury outdoor furniture. We cater to all your requests, from fabric samples, catalog shipments, CAD designs, to inspirational boards. Our designers are always ready to accommodate any requests virtually.
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