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Tommy Bahama Home Ivory Key Southampton Poster Bed

Creating Contemporary Style Bedroom Décor

Contemporary is something that follows the current trend. It is an undeniable fact that contemporary interior décor is hard to pin down. You can find an extensive range of themes in contemporary décor but something that always remains common is always clutter-free and serene.

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Glam Contemporary Bedroom

Contemporary doesn’t mean stark. One idea to create a contemporary bedroom is to use dark charcoal and taupe color scheme throughout. Get a bed with an upholstered headboard; accentuate the bed with cable knit throw blankets, and some textured pillows to make your bed the showstopper of the bedroom. To complement the look, get a glass nightstand with metallic legs. Some interesting ceiling fixture and a table lamp by the bedside on the nightstand can add to the sophisticated look.

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Add Textures

If you believe in the minimalist contemporary approach, then definitely there won’t be much collectibles and artwork in your bedroom. Also, contemporary uses a more neutral palette, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to grays, browns, creams, and white. You can create a bedroom with several textures. This can be done with some shaggy area rug, fur throw blanket throws with ruffles, wicker furniture, etc. To enhance the look further, shiny metal light fixtures can be installed to make your room more inviting.

Tommy Bahama Home Ivory Key Southampton Poster Bed

Rustic Contemporary Bedroom

Wood is warm and welcoming in all forms, be it the furniture made of completely natural wood or using wood finishes. Decorate your bedroom in a way that shows off the rustic side. Your bedding can be on the heavy side like using black and gray hues, all mix up with the distressed wood furniture and beamed ceiling. To add to the overall appeal, you can use some soft shade accents.

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Contemporary Bedroom with Serenity

The bedroom is an ultimate retreat from the rigors of the day, for most people. Thus, you should keep in mind that while decorating your bedroom, it should reflect a sense of calmness, tranquility and serenity. This can be done by keeping the overall room’s palette soft, surfaces natural, and furnishings simple.

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