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WINTER SALE: GET 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Declutter In Style With Top 5 Designer Cabinets Of 2019

Declutter In Style With Top 5 Designer Cabinets Of 2019

Looking for a way to upgrade your space without redecorating the entire room? Or maybe you’re just guilty of all the mess scattered around that never finds its way off the chair in your bedroom. Then finding the right cabinet is all you need. A storage chest is a perfect way to add character and warmth to any room. Available in multiple sizes, designs and storage capacities,  an appropriate chest can work wonders for you and your space. Depending on your needs, the versatile piece can be placed in the bedroom, living room or even foyers to help you organize and sort your belongings.

So, here we are with our list of 5 luxury cabinets that will help you achieve a remodelled look for your home while providing efficient storage.

1. The Aficionado Cabinet

The Aficionado Cabinet Exhibiting a classical appeal from the outside, the Aficionado Cabinet showcases a stylish metal stretcher at the bottom in a gold finish and four highly spacious drawers for convenient storage. Behind the two doors are two adjustable shelves and a two-way mirror in Gold Bullion Leaf that gives it a luxurious appeal. Perfect to store a lot of precious chinaware, cutlery or wine bottles, the large cabinet can be placed in the living area for a finished look.

2. The Quintessential Chest

The Quintessential ChestCrafted of eucalyptus veneer in a rich Nightfall finish, the wooden chest is equipped with three spacious drawers standing atop a curvaceous acrylic base that intensifies its classy appeal. Accented with rounded gold knobs to add to its beauty, the contemporary chest easily blends in with the décor of most spaces and can be added to your living room or hallway for as a functional storage system.

3. The Teardrop Door Chest

The Teardrop ChestWrapped in Modern Ebony and accented with French Brass accents in teardrop shape, this eye-catching Caracole chest manifests an elegant urban design and endows your space with timeless appeal.  Behind the four doors are two shelves that help you organize your belongings in a sorted manner. Ideal to be placed in your living room or bedroom, the compact chest renders ample space to store your cutlery, linens or other free-lying stuff.

4. The Divergent Chest

The Divergent Chest

Ideal for rather compact spaces, this modern chest features French Brass metal inlays on the doors while the interior is equipped with a shelf for sorted storage. Finished in Natural Ebony, the Divergent Chest complements a variety of colour schemes and décor patterns while imparting your space with subtle rustic elegance.

5. The Urban Chest

The Urban Chest

Showcasing an attractive geometric design that speaks modernity for itself, the Urban Chest acts as a perfect piece of storage for a contemporary décor setting. Featuring Urban Brass inlays and base, the interiors of the chest entail shelved storage for better organization. The shiny top can also be used to place your favourite succulents or vases to double the appeal.

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