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WINTER SALE: SALE 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
How To Choose The Right Upholstery For Your Sofa

How To Choose The Right Upholstery For Your Sofa

There are multiple furniture items with furniture upholstery in your home and for all the right reasons. They are comfortable and add significantly to your home décor. Choosing the right fabric for your sofa becomes a bit challenging, as there are numerous factors that you should consider before purchasing. Be it a sofa, a chair, a bed, or anything else. You should put some thought before investing in the furniture of your house to ensure its durability.

Caracole Just Tuft Enough Sofa

Deciding on the quality of the upholstery of a furniture piece is not easy. We have prepared a list of tips you can use to select the right fabric cover for your sofa, bed, chair, and such others. Before moving on to the list of tips, your choice of a furniture piece and home décor items also matter. It's always better to invest a little more in high-quality pieces that will guarantee the longevity of your furniture. Choose a reputed furniture store to buy a reliable furniture piece or décor item. You can see our selection of sofas here.

The Durability Factor

Bernhardt Regan Upholstered Bed

Buying furniture for your house is a significant investment, and you would want it to be long-lasting. The first thing you should question is the durability of an item you buy. For instance, the woven patterns on an upholstery last longer than the ones with a printed design. 

The sturdiness of a furniture piece also depends on the environment you put it in. If you have children and pets in your house, buy a sofa with leather upholstery as it is more resistant to wear and tear.

The Right Fabric

Bernhardt Criteria Upholstered Screen

The choice of fabric for upholstery furniture items is as crucial as the style of furniture piece itself. Choose the most durable upholstery fabric if the sofa might be subjected to wear and tear due to external elements. You can go for a softer material if you plan to place your furniture piece in the corner of your home.

Color Coordination

Caracole The Gilded Chair

When choosing a sofa, a chair, a bed, or any other furniture item, it should match the decor style of your home. Therefore, you should choose the color of upholstered furniture accordingly. For instance, if you have a modern décor style in your home, something more traditional and busy looking will feel out of place.


These tips can help you choose the right fabric for you’re the upholstered furniture item for your home. To explore more options of furniture items with custom upholstery and home décor items, visit Grayson Luxury - A one-stop destination for the most luxurious home décor items, including an unprecedented selection of quality beds.

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