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Different Ways To Spruce Home Walls

Different Ways To Spruce Home Walls

Home decoration is not just adding furniture to the empty spaces. You should pay attention to the walls as well. Are you looking for wall decor ideas to instantly add some refreshing factor to your area? Then there are numerous possibilities for you to turn those stark and empty walls into eye-catching centerpieces. 

Discover the various wall décor ideas that are sure to add an element of style in your home.

Creating a Wall Gallery

John Richard Gold Leaf Triptych Wall Sculpture

A gallery wall can surely do some wonders and adds personality and colors too. You can display a collection of photographs using decorative picture frames, or add some wall hangings. You can either go for some simple frames or bring in an array of ornate variations to mix things up! 

Showcasing Fabric

TOV Gold Leaf Wall Art

Making use of the wall hanging or tapestry is another way to add some color and pattern. Besides, it will add some softness to your space. You can also hang some vintage scarves or some colorful textiles. 

Hanging Crockery

Global Views Flying Wall Bowls-Antique Moss

Why store and hide your crockery pieces when you can flaunt it off? Use antique porcelain plates to display over a mantel, a storage cabinet, or on the wall behind the sofa in the living room. You can show your favorite dishes and serving platters on the wall to create some patter that will be visually appealing.

Showoff Your Books

Global Views One Up Wall Shelf

If you are a book lover and own a big collection, then a book wall is the best way to display your love and at the same time, a great way to decorate the wall as well. For this, you need to look for a well-styled bookshelf. You can also choose mountable ledges and shelves available today in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and colors that work wonders.


Bernhardt Calista Round Mirror

If painting your home walls is not your style, then the best alternative for this is to use wallpaper. These wallpapers will not just add some uniformity throughout the room, but also serve as scenic beauty.

Hang your Hats

Euro Style Barney 75" Floating Shelf

Yet another classically creative idea is to show off your hats to create a striking and practical display? Hang the hats in a cluster on hooks on the wall for a functional display. You can also try the same with your statement necklaces to create some similar effects.

Colorful Basket Walls

Palecek Bolinas Rope Basket

Hanging a bunch of baskets is another creative idea. Go for decorative baskets available in the wide assortments of sizes, fabric colors, and decide the various arrangements. Another way is to paint the plain wall in one single color and customize baskets with craft paints in multiple patterns. 


Use these creative ideas to add some glam factor to your empty home walls. Explore John Richard Home Décor and more at Grayson Luxury- an online destination for the most luxurious and exotic range of quality furniture pieces and other home décor accessories. 

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