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WINTER SALE: SALE 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Dividing Your Room Can Make It Look Bigger: Know-How

Dividing Your Room Can Make It Look Bigger: Know-How

If your space is small it can still be made to look premium. There are several ways in which you can reflect your personal style and at the same time combine space-saving and multi-functional solutions. Follow these wise ways to make your space look spacious and welcoming.

Caracole Classic We Shell See Display CabinetFurniture with Built-in Storage and Shelves

Investing in furniture is worth it when there is enough storage to meet all your needs and space availability. When it comes to rooms with small spaces then prefer custom built-ins for your area as you can easily size each furniture piece for your challenging space and at the same time add a feature or two that maximizes its use.
Built-in wall units are another space-saving way that will add storage and add some artistic feels to the room. The vertical pattern also helps create a feeling of volume in the room.

Caracole La Vitriene Display CabinetPlay with Furniture Layout

Arrange your furniture in a way it creates a separation between two functional zones.  For instance, a desk can be placed behind a sofa to make it appear like a workspace. Chairs and sofas can also be arranged in a way that clearly separates the living room from the dining space.

Caracole Classic We Shell See Display CabinetMake Room for Natural Light

Ample sunlight in the room can make your area look bigger. The easiest way to let in more natural light in any room is to place a mirror that will reflect the light from a window that will create an illusion of more depth in the space.

Marge Carson Lake Shore Drive Display CabinetStrategically Paint the Room

Paint the trim and walls in the room in the same color that draws the eye up and highlights the ceiling. Soothing tones like navy or charcoal gray can make a smaller space stylishly inviting. In a small room simply balance a darker wall with lighter elements to create depth and brighten up the room. One such idea is to place a lighter-colored sofa against a dark wall. More light-colored furniture can be paired with shiny accessories and a plush neutral tone rug.

Caracole Modern Edge Occasional Vector Etagere


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