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Eclectic Style Home Decor

Are you someone who likes to incorporate a wide variety of styles in your home? Or are you just confused if your favorite décor farmhouse, mid-century modern, or contemporary? When it comes to interior decorating our house, do you like to think outside of the box—maybe you even wish to use some traditional items? Or do you like cherishing and displaying all the knick-knacks from your travels into your home to remind you of your favorite getaways? If this is exactly the case, you have a taste for interior décor styling called eclectic style.

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What Is Eclectic Style?

Unlike many other interior styles that are bound by certain rules and trends, the eclectic style is freer. It is quite unpredictable and focuses on incorporating pieces from different periods and styles. Eclectic style has been there for a long time now, it has recently come into use as a decorating style.

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Eclectic Style is a Funky Mix

If you are someone who likes an eclectic mix of styles, do not stick by one particular decorating style but instead choose what comprises the best of a few particular decorating styles. Then decorate your home by incorporating all those elements. Though eclectic interior styling can go with the flow if using anything that you like, it can actually be a very purposeful and well-thought-out way of decorating.

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While you plan to go ahead with your home interior styling in the eclectic style, focus on creating a cohesive look through color, texture, and shapes. A good definition of eclectic style decorating would be carefully gathering of interesting elements that all work together. Any perfect eclectic furnishing and décor would seamlessly smoothen out the bumps with oddball textures and furnishings.

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Eclectic Style Common Characteristics

Some common elements that can be found in an Eclectic styled living room or home include:

  • A calm mix of periods and styles
  • Making use of neutral background colors
  • Use of unexpected items and materials
  • Displaying unique art and furnishings
  • Combing different patterns, shapes, textures, finishes, or colors
  • Old easily mixed in with new
  • Showcasing handmade items or moments with sentimental value
  • Celebration of contrasting colors
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