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Expert Guide For Cleaning Your Light Fixtures

Expert Guide For Cleaning Your Light Fixtures

Getting a new light fixture is a perfect way to elevate the aesthetics of any space and complete it. But over time, with prolonged use, dust can visibly dull the illumination of the fixture, and we know it’s time for cleaning.

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It doesn’t have to be a weekly cleaning ritual, but giving your lighting a polish once every few months can make sure that it shines its brightest for a long time.

Regular Cleaning

Regular dusting or wiping away the dust, dirt, and bugs from the light fixtures, whether they’re domes, pendant lights, chandeliers, wall scones, or recessed lighting is one way to prevent these fixtures becoming dirty and dull.

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You can use an extendable duster and a dry microfiber cloth for the same. A better alternative can also be attaching the microfiber cloth to a stick or broom using a rubber band and see the wonders. Ensure that the lights are off and the fabric used is not wet. 

Deep Cleaning

At times, you can also wash the ceiling light fixtures in mild soap with some lukewarm water and later wipe them dry. Glass cleaner can also be used to spot clean these ceiling light fixtures. It applies to other modern ceiling lights – like the dome and pendant lights where you need to soak them in water for some time and clean with a soft cloth. 

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When it comes to hallways light fixtures, like chandeliers and wall scones, then regular cleaning is perfect for maintenance. There can be times when the light fixture has to be removed from the wall and cleaned thoroughly. Clean the same with some mild dishwasher or glass spray and once dry them with a sponge or soft cloth to wipe away any grime still left. Then simply reassemble those fixtures and wait for them to radiate evenly with an all-new shine, and create a warm and organic ambiance.

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Now, one important thing to keep in mind while you clean the frame of these light fixtures is the material they are made from. If the lights are made from porcelain, plastic or glass, then it becomes easier to clean. In case the glass is painted or has some gold or silver leaf finish, then avoid using water to clean.

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Cleaning crystal fixtures can be tricky. A shot of canned air can be used to get rid of light dust built up. On the other hand, metal, light fixtures can be wiped clean using a lint cloth. Fabric and paper light fixtures need high maintenance as they are the most susceptible to getting dirty. 


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