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WINTER SALE: SALE 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Find Out the Right Filing Cabinet for Your Home Office

Find Out the Right Filing Cabinet for Your Home Office

One of the most useful and essential accessories for any home office setting is the storage furniture item. From organizing your work home office space to safeguarding your important documents, there are a lot of functions that storage furniture offers. There is a wide range of storage options available for your home office from corner cabinets to shelves, but the most common amongst them are filing cabinets. File cabinets are the perfect storage option to organize and store your important files, stationery, and other office supplies. They are available in different materials, like wood file cabinets and metal cabinets. Filing cabinets also come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Some of the most common types of filing cabinets are:
Sunpan Bradbury Desk

Sunpan Bradbury Desk

Vertical Filing Cabinet

The upright and compact shape of a vertical file cabinet makes it a great storage accessory for small-sized home office space. They are available in different heights and drawers' quantities so that you can choose according to your requirement. You can store normal-sized files and documents in them. They also come with different features like a locking system, suspension files, and physical features like scratch-resistant finish, and fireproof design.
Bernhardt Polk File CabinetBernhardt Polk File Cabinet

Lateral Filing Cabinet

Unlike vertical file cabinets that are sleek and tall, lateral or horizontal filing cabinets are wider and short. They occupy a little bit more space compared to vertical cabinets. Lateral filing cabinets can usually store large-sized documents and papers like blueprints. You can find them in different materials, designs, and styles. They are also available with additional features like a locking system, sliding drawer design, secret compartment, and so on.
Global Views Ostara Media CabinetGlobal Views Ostara Media Cabinet

Mobile Filing Cabinet

A mobile file cabinet comes with wheel casters that make it easier to move it from one place to another. They are usually small and compact, making them perfect for small and large home office spaces. They are often placed underneath desks and offer additional storage space at the workstation. Mobile file cabinets also come with the same additional features that are available with lateral and vertical filing cabinets. When it comes to finding the right filing cabinet for your home office, it all depends on the amount of storage space and features that you require and the size of your home office space.
Sunpan Keldon Media StandSunpan Keldon Media Stand


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