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WINTER SALE: SALE 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Lexington Take Five Carnegie Sideboard

How To Buy A Perfect Buffet For Your Place

A buffet cabinet is a furniture piece used for storing and serving food in the dining room. Also called sideboards, these cabinets can also be used in other home areas. The dining room buffet is available in a wide variety of styles and materials, making it easy to find the appropriate one that complements your decorating style.

Barclay Butera Malibu Broad Beach Buffet

The type of sideboards that you buy depends on which part of the home you intend to use them in. For instance, if you wish to display your collectibles and fine china then opt for glass ones. You can also opt for wooden buffets like, this amazing Lexington Laurel Canyon Mariposa Buffet, below.

Lexington Laurel Canyon Mariposa Buffet

Long Narrow Buffet

If you’re someone who likes throwing casual dinner parties to your guests and further allows them to pick from the variety of food laid out in an attractive manner, then you need a long, low buffet that can make a perfect choice. Perhaps in that buffet cabinet, you can also store various items that won’t be on display. You can choose the one with solid doors to hide the clutter. In the image below is the Barclay Butera Brentwood Fairfax Sideboard, which is a perfect example of narrow buffet.

Barclay Butera Brentwood Fairfax Sideboard

Hallway Buffets

While buffet cabinets are traditionally designed to be used in the dining room, but that’s doesn’t mean that you limit their use to that location. In case you want hallway storage or a catchall surface in your foyer, a buffet cabinet makes a perfect choice. Choose the buffet cabinet with shelving and cupboards where you can also store some seasonal stuff like hats, scarves, and even boots. Decorate your entryway with a long, low hallway buffet and place a basket or bowl on the top to keep keys and cards. You can take an example of this refreshing arrangement with Barclay Butera Newport Bayside Buffet.

Barclay Butera Newport Bayside Buffet

Large Buffet Cabinet

Always make sure that the place where you plan to keep your buffet cabinet is always in proportion to the size of the space. A large buffet cabinet, like the Barclay Butera Brentwood Cliffwood Buffet below, might be imposing in a small area, but will certainly enhance a larger room.

Barclay Butera Brentwood Cliffwood Buffet

Contemporary Styled Buffet Cabinet

Consider the style of the furniture that you place in the space also creates a major impact on the overall look. Any contemporary loft area calls for a sleek-lined, highly polished buffet cabinet. For example, Have a look at this beautiful Lexington Macarthur Park Glenroy Sideboard.

Lexington Macarthur Park Glenroy Sideboard


Whatever style of buffet cabinet you choose, ensure that it offers both form and function. Visit Grayson Luxury to explore the most amazing collection of luxury Italian furniture and other luxurious home décor accessories. We, at Grayson Luxury, are offering complimentary online e-design services and luxury outdoor furniture. We cater to all your requests, from fabric samples, catalog shipments, CAD designs, to inspirational boards. Our designers are always ready to accommodate any requests virtually.
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