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WINTER SALE: SALE 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Lexington Avondale Carreno Round Mirror

How To Choose Artwork For Your Home

Complete your home décor look with various ideas. Bring more light to your space or add more artworks. Adding texture to your wall makes this process easier and makes your living space look beautiful in no time. Adding some nice succulents or even home-based planters to create that natural and wooden décor themed look is what makes your home décor unique and quirky, all at the same time.

Lexington Macarthur Park Calliope Square Sunburst Mirror

Lexington Macarthur Park Calliope Square Sunburst Mirror

Tired of searching for what works best with your home décor? Here are some of the ways to choose artwork for your home and create that art inspired natural themed home décor:

Choose A Themed Wall Art

Themed wall art can create similar patterns that complement your space. Crafted with hand-cast brass autumn leaves, the John Richard set of three falling leaves Triptych Wall art is a beautiful art décor to add to your space. Wall art pieces are a beautiful way to express your aesthetic and ideal palette to your wish. This modern and sleek hanging wall décor can brighten your home with the gold texture of its leaves.

John Richard Set of Three Falling Leaves Triptych Wall Art

Add a Metallic Wall Art to your Space

Make an addition of metal wall art to the hallway or bedroom. The beautiful Global Views Mod Terrace Wall Art is a wonderful metal wall art that creates a wonderful texture when hanged around your living room space or corner. This wall art is cut and crafted out of iron and brass with braised edges and flamed patina. Pair this wall hanging with other decorative items including planters, coasters around the coffee table and solid colored contrast cushions.

Global Views Mod Terrace Wall Art

Bring Colors to Life

Bring colors to your modern-day living space with contemporary wall art. Modern wall art is a wonderful way to express your love towards art, your aesthetic as well as bringing a flair to your home décor look. The John Richard Ja Ding's Modern Still Life wall art can brighten up the space like no other.

John Richard Ja Ding's Modern Still Life

Mix Up Different Styles

Style your living space with different styles put together. The John Richard Cumulus Wall Panels are a great way to adorn your living room with enough space to cover the wall beautifully. Made with four frameless wall panels, with a satin black edging, the John Richard wall art creates a scenic presence like those of land, or sand over a plain white color. A modern-day home décor, this wall art can be hung on walls with a précised gap between three of them.

John Richard Cumulus Wall Panels

Add Planters and Flowers

Adding planters and flowers to your art space is a great way to neutralize a lot of colors put together. The oversized Dahlia stands out over a grey background! This exquisite piece of art is a must have for muted tone themed walls or living spaces. With more flowers or planters added to your space, it complements the John Richard Modern Dahlia wonderfully.

John Richard Golden Dahlia


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