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FALL SALE: SAVE 15% WITH CODE FALL15 ON $2,000+ (Some Exclusions)
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How To Choose The Right Dining Table For Your Home?

The dining room is an integral part of your home. It is not only a place where you enjoy meals, but also a place where your family shares its most important moments. The dining table is the primary requirement of your dining room and, as such, you must ensure the premium quality of a product before purchasing it. 

It is observed that people don’t pay enough heed to the quality of furniture that they are investing in, especially when it comes to the dining table. Your dining table should fit in with your dining chairs and the entire dining table set. As such, it becomes important that you choose the right dining table. I’ve prepared a list of tips you can use to buy the right dining table for your home. Here are a few tips you can use for the same.

The Size Matters

People often choose their dining room tables based on the looks and visual appeal it adds to your home décor. Nonetheless, the size of the dining table is an important factor you should filter your options.

Bernhardt Gustav Metal Dining Table

Purchase your table depending on the size of your dining room. For instance, a large table makes your small dining room look crowded. Buy a table depending on the size of your dining room to make the most out of it while ensuring that it contributes to the décor of your home.

Order What Is Needed

Caracole Compositions Avondale Round Dining Table

When shopping for a dining table, find the right balance between its shape and size. Analyze the size of your dining room and what all the furniture it already holds. After keeping all the necessary furniture, you would want your dining room is left with enough space to move around. Choose a dining table that fits right in with the area you are left with.

Choose A Shape

Bernhardt Channing Dining Table

The shape of a dining table defines its look & style and you must decide the right space to ensure that it fits in the right with your room setting. For smaller dining rooms, round/oval tables are recommended and square-shaped tables are advised for bigger dining rooms. 

Material Is Important

Bernhardt Adler Round Dining Table

When choosing a dining table, make sure that you decide its material before purchasing it. Selecting a material – wood, veneer, glass, stone-look, etc. that blends in perfectly well with the décor of your house is important. You can experiment with different materials for your dining table to see if it suits the décor of your dining room. For instance, dining tables with granite/marble tops are easier to clean and maintain.

Consider Durability

Bernhardt Santa Barbara Round Dining Table

If you are investing in a dining table, you should make sure that it is sturdy and durable. For instance, one of the features that determine the strength of a chair is the support between its legs. There are three different types of leg supports – Trestle, Pedestal, and simple legs. Though these supports limit the number of chairs you can squeeze in but they also increase its durability.


Use these tips to find the right dining table for you. To explore more about dining tables and other home décor items, visit Grayson Luxury - A one-stop destination for the most luxurious home décor items, including an unprecedented selection of quality beds.

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