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How To Hang Artwork Like An Interior Designer

How To Hang Artwork Like An Interior Designer

Arranging artwork is a great way to accessorize your home. You get to create a focal point, a striking opportunity to add some color and by far one of the best ways to really personalize your space. Here are a few different styles to hang your artwork or favorite family photos.

Floor To Ceiling Grid

The high tower bookcase

The Floor to Ceiling Grid gallery wall is a clean, sophisticated way to show off your artwork or photos. Offered in modern white or champagne silver, this impressive gallery is soft in color and dramatic in size.

Important: You need to have tall walls to make this arrangement work! It requires 105" of vertical space, which (with a few inches above and below) is about nine feet. Be sure to factor in any floor and crown moulding when you measure. 

Propped Pictures

propped pictures

This is a favourite with interior stylists as it gives a really lovely relaxed vibe. Again I like the impermanence of it so you can have fun switching it around later down the road. The key here is to prop pictures of different heights and and I think it works better if they are sightly layered and overlapped.

Create A Focal Point

create a focal point

A large-scale piece of wall art or a mirror is a great way to create a focal point within a room scheme. I like to maximise the impact with a little symmetry so a pair of stunning lamps either side for example really enhances the statement.

The Uneven Grid

the uneven grid

If you're a perfectionist, you'll love the clean design of The Uneven Grid gallery wall. This is one of our favorite ways to hang a collection of art, where you gather together all your pictures and group them in one pleasing display. It makes a really strong focal point in a room which can help make a scheme look really together. One thing we really love about a gallery wall is the way it all can grow organically over time. You can switch pictures around and add and subtract.

The Stack

the lifestyle dining table set

Whether it's next to a window, door, or major furniture piece, this tall, thin column gallery wall will fit in every skinny corner of your house. The Stack is a great way to create the small space gallery wall you never knew you needed.


Finally here are my five top tips to displaying art:

  1. Artwork looks great when it is grouped together either as a gallery wall or symmetrically in a grid or row.

  2. Avoid hanging your artwork too high. It looks better when it is hung close above a piece of furniture.

  3. Try and link your pictures together in some way- either by having a similar colour story throughout or similar frames

  4. Enjoy collecting artwork over time. This way you can add and subtract pieces, helping to keep your home feeling fresh and individual.

  5. Consider painting the wall behind the art wall a shade deeper than you dare. Painting look great against this contrast.




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