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How To Identify Real Crystals?

All of us are fascinated by crystals in some way or the other. Either we love using them for decorating or homes or adorn them as jewels. In the world of first copies and fake copies, it has become difficult to identify real crystals. We can often be fooled by investing in fake crystals, understanding them as real ones. When you have a glimpse at the real and fake crystals, you would not be able to differentiate them as they are the same in color, size, and shape. But there are a few tests that you can perform by yourself to identify the real crystals. Here is a quick guide for it.

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There are two types of crystals; natural and synthetic. The natural crystals have slight flaws and don’t have pure color. A well-finished and deep color in the crystal is obtained by adding chemicals. When the crystal color from the tip to base is similar, the crystal is fake. Also if bubbles are visible, then it is glass, not crystal. A perfect-looking stone will always be fake!

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With this test, you can easily identify the difference between a crystal and a glass. By placing the crystal on the top of the book, if the characters are magnified then it is glass, but if all the characters remain the same then you have purchased a crystal.

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UV Light Test

This test is conducted using a black light. If the crystal starts to glow under the black light then it is fake. But if it remains the same, you surely made the right choice.

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