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Ideas To Place Rugs Beautifully In A Living Room

Any living area looks incomplete without floor rugs. Rugs in the living room can make the room more inviting while adding layers and warmth. The right area rugs in the living room can instantly add a pop of colors, patterns, and some texture to your home. The right selection of living room rugs is important as the right or wrong rugs can actually make or break your home interior décor. A too big rug might not fit the space properly, while a small one may make the space look unfinished. If you find it difficult to get the right living room rug, here are some tips to choose the best floor rugs for your living room furniture and room.

Feizy Luna 8049F In Teal

Measure Your Living Room

Measure the dimensions of your living room much before you begin your shopping for the living room rugs. Most living room rugs measure eight feet by 10 feet, but your room may require a somewhat smaller or bigger one, depending on the size of your room. Always remember to ensure a few things:

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  • As per the thumb rule, sofas should always be placed along the longer side of the floor rug.
  • If your living room is big, leave about 30 to 36 inches of space between large-sized furniture, like a sofa-sectional and coffee table. This will prevent you from stumbling over too-close furniture. In smaller living, the distance should be 18 to 24 inches between pieces.
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Money-Saving by Layer Rugs

Living room rugs can be a serious money investment depending on the materials, style, size, and more. One amazing idea to maximize the floor coverage without increasing your budget is by layering a smaller rug over a larger one to get a more comfortable floor rug. For instance, you can place a small Persian rug over a bigger jute one to add interest, warmth, and textures.

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Furniture Placement Matters

Placement of your living room furniture is important to consider before you buy the area rug. Some popular furniture arrangements for the living room furniture and rugs include:

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  • All legs on rugs- If you have a large living room, try placing all of your bigger pieces—including the couch, coffee table, armchairs, and side tables—on your area rug.
  • Front legs on the rug- Maximize walking space between your pieces of furniture, place only the front legs of your sofa and chairs on the area rug.
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