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Sligh Cross Effect Prism Metal Deck

Ideas To Setup Small Home Library

You can showcase your favorite reads by creating a space that is unique and comfortable. While public libraries are vast, home libraries are intimate.

Sligh Cross Effect Prism Metal Deck

You can also create your own home library that is cozy, peaceful, and makes a nice focal point with a snug seating area and then display your collectibles on the shelves. With some of these amazing ideas, you can create your own literary retreat that is well-designed and well-read.

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Home Library Shelving

White color shelves look luxurious and can create an atmosphere of calm. Also, white is a great choice for a modern and clean look. Wooden shelving in natural finish with some fine carvings can be complemented by a great number of noteworthy antiques.

Sligh Barrymore Landry Bookcase

Collectible Library

Bookshelves need not just be about racks filled with books. If you are a passionate reader with a significant collection of books, you can turn the double-height entrance hall into an extravagant entrance library. You can fill in the empty spaces with pots and other artifacts as well as books devoted to the visual arts. You can showcase the collectibles that you love while adding some character to your home library furniture.

Sligh Cascades Walden Bookcase

Built-in Seating

You can actually enjoy reading your books in the library if you have comfortable seating. Comfort is the king when slipping away into the world of words. You can create a cozy seating nook between the shelving and it is also a great way to save space. Also, there will be no time consumption in browsing through the reading list when all of your books are right there at your fingertips.

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Right Color Scheme

Whites, blacks, browns, and blues are exciting colors to choose from; you're hardly limited to these when planning out your space. You can make your space look beautiful with any pop of color by matching it with the rest of the décor. Mixing some cool and warm colors will give a perfect balance.

Sligh Longboat Key Crystal Sands Bookcase

Using a Curtain Divider

If your living room library is big then you have endless options. But if you are short on space and have many books, you can separate your reading space using a nice curtain. Opt for some solid color curtain to create a hideaway library that can appear and disappear whenever it's needed.

Sligh Cascades Caledonia Desk

Diagonal Shelving

Display your books in the beautiful shelves built on a diagonal. With just a slight turn, these bookshelves add a bold geometric pattern to the walls while adding some visual interest to the room.

Sligh Barton Creek Mt. Bonnell Bookcase


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