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Modern Expressions Expressions Dining Table Base

Interior Design Trends You Must Know About

Home décor is always evolving, and every year many new trends emerge. But most of them are borrowed from previous decades. As we enter the new decade, let's take a look back to explore how far we have come in the 21st century, and get some idea of what can be expected in the year ahead.

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Trend in the 2000s

What we call the modern farmhouse and somewhat rustic was then called shabby chic. Bedroom décor in the 2000s was somewhat countryside, and somewhat vintage that included some ruffled bedding to whitewashed nightstands. Living rooms were the places for entertainment where heavy speakers, DVD players, boxed-televisions were used and hence the entertainment units too were significantly big to accommodate it all. White kitchens were a thing at that time and still look good today. Over time, white even became a popular choice for cabinets, flooring, etc. Dining rooms made use of mix and matched chairs in terms of styles and colors to create a happy space. Talking about home décor accessories, mason jars were used everywhere. Be it serving juice, wine, or simply holding candles, mason jars served a versatile purpose.

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2010 Décor Styles and Trends

This decade focused on streamlined minimalism, and décor is no exception. Bedroom décor incorporated the use of sliding barn-style doors to add to the streamlined and somewhat modern look. This was the time when ottomans and poufs came into existence, being used in the living rooms to the patio areas. Kitchens took a new turn and an open shelving style emerged. The basic idea is to focus more on cleanliness and organization so that even a small kitchen space can feel airy. Modern farmhouse emerged in the 2010s especially in the dining room decors that combined modern style with farmhouse style. 2010 dining space is all about the use of reclaimed wood dining tables and dining chairs. Metal hardware in gold, silver, and brass use became strong.

Modern Expressions Expressions Dining Table Base

2020 and Beyond

Smart furniture is something you can expect everywhere in the home for about the next 10 years. For instance, nightstands with USB ports, beds that can adjust to your body type, etc. Boho inspired home décor can be seen in the coming years with the use of a splash of colors and maximalism being followed. Experiments can also be done with bright, bold kitchen cabinets and appliances. Rattan was used in the ’70s and has made a comeback. Also, time-tested materials like, wicker chairs are expected to be seen even more.

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