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Caracole Classic Pool Party Dining Table Set

Interior Designing Basics You Should Know About

If you don’t have the skill to give your home an eclectic look, a home that appears well-designed with all furniture and accessories in place; you too can develop these skills over time. With a little knowledge of the basic principles of home interior designing, you can also create a look in your home that you desire.

Caracole Classic Pool Party Dining Table


An essential task of expert interior designers is to choose the right color palette. Each room in your home can be designed in different styles and different color schemes, but the overall look should be dwelling together. Colors in a small room should be chosen wisely to create an effect of a visually bigger room. In a larger room, one can play with multiple colors.

Caracole Classic Mrs. Sandman Bed


One of the advanced parts of E-designing is the mixing of patterns. All the patterns in a room need not necessarily match but after careful consideration of the shape, size, and scale of the space, they need to complement and coordinate with each other.

Global Views Zig Zag Dining Table

Focal Points

Any architectural space is incomplete without a point of interest like a fireplace or a window with a beautiful view. Any built-in focal point can be created by carefully arranging furniture around it to emphasize it. In a room where statement-making becomes difficult, you can create one through groupings of furniture or using an unusual or large piece.

Caracole Compositions Sofa

Balance and Rhythm

Yet another important principle of interior designing is to create a balance that means properly distributing the visual weight in a room. It can be done symmetrically, as is common in traditional interiors, or with asymmetrical balance as seen in casual interiors.

Caracole Classic Pool Party Dining Table Set

Rhythm in design is about repeating elements of the same color, shapes, texture, and patterns. For instance, using some colors in a throw or pillow and using the same hues in some painting.


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