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Key Features And Designs Of Rustic Decor Style

Rustic home décor is often heard of but is at times hard to achieve. If you plan to have a shabby chic farmhouse or a cabin with rustic wood looks, to achieve the look you need to incorporate some key elements to get the perfect look. To have a rustic design décor, you need to emphasize natural and organic elements like wooden furniture pieces made completely out of real wood or even treated ones.

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What Is Rustic Design?

Rustic style décor is something that is aged, natural, aged, organic, or have some distressed look by being a little rough around the edges. Styles like Tuscan, coastal, or farmhouse can be described as rustic.

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Though the rustic style is approachable and relaxed, it should feel welcoming with the use of some neutral color palette that's calming and traditional. Neutral colors like browns, grays, whites are the key and rarely bold pop of colors are used. Though monochrome can be an option, always choose something muted.

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Everything that comes from Earth is rustic including real, unprocessed woods, bricks, heavy stones, etc. Talking about the textiles, rustic ones use canvas, jute, burlap, which can be used usually on accents like rugs. Rustic bedding uses all-natural organic cotton, in subtle and neutral colors.

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Key Features of Rustic Décor

  • Use Real Wood

When designing rustic home décor, try opting for real wood. Wooden flooring is a good idea, another option is to use a reclaimed wood farmhouse table. Rustic décor isn’t perfect and has imperfections, so be confident in choosing pieces that are a little weathered up.

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  • Texture

Rustic furniture is a little gritty as it utilizes a lot of natural materials. Grainy woods, rugs made using animal hide or natural jute. Avoid using any sheeny thing to maintain the feel of rustic texture.

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  • Heavy

Unlike mid-century décor and a modern one, the rustic design uses heavy elements. Think wooden kitchen tables with big and wide square legs, some deep, dark leather sofa and couches.

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  • Handmade

Handmade elements are another hallmark of rustic décor. While choosing some centerpieces for your home, look for something with a little bit of character.

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