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CYBER WEEK: SALE 15% OFF WITH CODE CYBER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Lladro Furniture | A Collection of Luxury Pieces

Lladro Furniture | A Collection of Luxury Pieces

The Lladro Richard collection comes with a wide range of furniture pieces. Ranging from accessories to both small and large furniture items, Lladro furniture brings you a fresh vibe and motifs that pair well with all kinds of home décor products. If you love luxurious items, you can take a look at the lamps, mirrors, diffusers, tables, and much more. Add Lladro accessories including candleholders, ceiling lamps, etc. and make your home look well-designed. If you like to keep it minimal, you can make use of multifunctional furniture available at Lladro. Here is a quick guide to help you design your house with Lladro Richard Furniture:
Lladro Shadow Moment Table WengeLladro Shadow Moment Table Wenge

Shadow Moment Table

With a decorative surface that evokes imagination and originality, the Shadow Moment Table is a perfect table for your living room. It can be the focal point of your room and can be accessorized easily with all kinds of items including figurines, planters, candles, etc. You can also add this table to make your own reading corner. Add your favorite books and small items that can accentuate the area.
Lladro Horse on Courbette Table Lamp (US)Lladro Horse on Courbette Table Lamp (US)

Parrot Light

Candles and table lamps are a good way to add light to your space. If you want to keep it bright or dim according to your own choices, you can take a look at the parrot light. Porcelain base scented candles are also another way to make your living room, bedroom, and hallway smell refreshing.
Lladro Jamz Floor Lamp (US) CopperLladro Jamz Floor Lamp (US) Copper

Wall Mirror

Unique patterns and textured frame, wall mirrors are a wonderful way to stylize your home. Having mirrors in a small-spaced apartment brings in more light and makes your home look spacious. You can also add cluster of mirrors to add texture to the wall. Mirrors and pendant lights as well as chandeliers go hand–in-hand and make your room look brighter.
Lladro Parrot Shine I Wall MirrorLladro Parrot Shine I Wall Mirror

Baccarat and Figurines

Explore various types of Baccarat furniture available at Lladro furniture. Different decorative objects include glass figurines, figurines in the shape of animals and birds, and so on. Include coasters, planters, small candle lights, as well as other accessories such as rugs, and floor lamps to set up the whole space.
Lladro Campanella Candle Mediterranean ScentLladro Campanella Candle Mediterranean Scent


Find sofas, tables, and other furniture accessories that make your living space décor complete with flair of style and elegance. You can choose from a range of accessories, including area rugs, dressers, tables, stools, and much more is available at Grayson Luxury. Explore a wide range of Lladro furniture including tableware, decoration and accessories, and so on. For more furniture accessories, including tabletop, rugs as well as lighting solutions, head to . We, at Grayson Luxury, will match you with a design professional to collaborate online at your convenience. You will receive design boards, final design, floor plan, and your personalized shopping list.

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