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WINTER SALE: SALE 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
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Maintain The Wooden Furniture Like A Pro With These Tips

Furniture is a big investment and all of us want the furniture we choose lasts over a decade or more. But if its wooden furniture and you want it to last over a few years then, it calls for proper care and maintenance. Branded and quality wooden furniture is likely to last, but still, you will have to do your part to properly maintain the beauty of the wood.

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To ensure all this, here are some care tips to keep them new.

Place them at Correct Places

The first and foremost step towards proper care is proper positioning. Ensure that your dining table or wooden bed is away from any heat or cold vents. Avoid placing them at places that get direct sunlight. Heat and direct sunlight can dry up the wood, finishing all the moisture inside, and gradually resulting in fading away of the wooden polish or finish. Also, remember too much moisture is also not good for wooden furniture.

Caracole Classic Do A 360 Dining Table

Protection of Wooden Dining Tables

Dining tables are the heart of dining rooms, and likewise, coffee tables are a staple for any living area. In case, you place any hot or cold utensil or glass or cup on the wooden dining table directly, it can result in fading or formation of a white ring. It is advisable to make use of table mats to place utensils and crockery and likewise, use coasters for glasses and cups.

Caracole Classic Fan Dining Table

Keep Furniture Clean

To help your wooden furniture last longer, clean it at regular intervals. To remove the dust, make use of a feather duster. In case you are sensitive to dust, so, to prevent dust in the air, you can also use a damp cloth to wipe the pieces. Use a cotton cloth and not any synthetic cloth to prevent scratches.

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Remove Hardware Before Cleaning

For thorough cleaning remove the hardware and then clean. The use of a metal or brass cleaner is advisable and then buffs the hardware. Reattach the hardware only when it is completely dry.

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