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WINTER SALE: GET 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Global Views Lucas Ottoman

Make Your Home Appear Customized For Him

Wondering if there is anything called the feminine or masculine décor? For many people, everything in any interior design can be embraced by both the sexes. But the fact is several elements in any room are particularly masculine and some are traditionally feminine. A good room and a nice home are the ones that have an equal combination of both.

Global Views Lucas Ottoman

If you desire to create a space with more masculine drama to impress your spouse, it is easy to do so keeping the right contemporary elements.


Choosing the right color palette should be your first step. Any masculine room won’t involve many bright hues like yellows, reds, and pinks. Males prefer darker and moody shades. So, you can opt for them and mix some neutral shades along. The monochrome color palette works well in any masculine space. To break the monotony, metallic hues like gold and silver also are great.

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Masculine rooms usually have sleek and clean lines rather than being full of curves and frills. There is little or no room for soft edges and the shapes and geometric with sharp lines. It’s not a bad idea to involve some curvy elements as well but keep them as minimal as possible.

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When talking about geometric patterns that are more masculine, then involve stripes, herringbone, and plaids. And yes, solids are the safest options to consider. Rugs are an effective way to incorporate a patterned look.

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Textures play a major role in deciding the look of any room. Any room should have a mix of textures to add some depth to that space. Like it’s a good idea to combine coarse with smooth textures, some matte with shiny, and similarly hard with soft. If you talk about the masculine dose of décor, make use of leather, tweed, suede, etc. For balcony and kitchen interiors indulge in making use of a mix of stone, bricks, metallic finishes, and lighting fixtures.

Caracole Remix Glass Top Dining Table

Art and Accessories

Just because you are doing it with a masculine theme in mind, doesn’t mean that the options are limited. You can decorate home with pottery and statues. Books are another great idea for a display and it will be better to look for old, vintage ones. You may create a gallery wall. Think of using more rugs and throws as layers work great in any man-centred room.

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