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FALL SALE: SAVE 15% WITH CODE FALL15 ON $2,000+ (Some Exclusions)
Patio Furniture And Accessories Buyer's Guide – Outdoor Furniture Tips

Patio Furniture And Accessories Buyer's Guide – Outdoor Furniture Tips

Outdoor patio furniture comes with a plethora of options available today in different sizes, styles, fabrics, and more, and good ones are practically functional and comfortable too. At the same time, outdoor furniture should be entertaining and weather friendly. Thoughtful planning ensures that your outdoor living area is inviting for years to come. 

Go for Easy Care Outdoor Furniture

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Alfresco Living Umbrella - Canvas

Durable outdoor furniture that is easy to care to ensure that you enjoy the outdoor spaces for hours rather than spending hours maintaining the furniture. Wooden furniture is beautiful but requires maintenance. There is more durable furniture available. Choose the patio table and chairs made of metal, teak, cedar, wrought iron, and all-weather wicker pieces that can refrain whatever nature throws their way. Furniture made using these materials are sturdy and remain secure during storms and high winds. They definitely will look fantastic for years to come. You can also go for outdoor furniture made of PVC or plastic that requires little or no maintenance and is also inexpensive.

Invest in Quality

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Aviano End Table

Patio tables and chairs made of resin look great, but over time in the sun, they become brittle and lose bold and vibrant coloring. It also applies to outdoor patio furniture made of wood and wicker.

While you shop, ensure that the metal furniture is painted or has a powder-coated finish that is uniform to prevent it from rusting. In the same way, wood furniture should be sanded and have a smooth surface. Garden benches made of wicker shouldn’t be loosely wound on the frame. Likewise, chairs and outdoor ottomans should be comfortable and sturdy.

Go for Indoor- Outdoor Furniture

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Aviano End Table

You can go for dual-purpose furniture. For instance, select the ottoman that doubles as extra seating or you can choose the ones with storage. You can go for simple benches that form a beautiful standalone piece and can also be paired up with a dining table frequently used for outdoor spaces.

Become Color Smart

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Aviano Chaise Lounge

When purchasing outdoor sectionals or sofas, don’t just limit your choices to the natural tones of wood like black, white, and beige of wicker or even the metal pieces. Colorful finishes look stylish for outdoor furniture. You can also throw bold splashes of throw pillows, cushions, and accent pieces.

Take Measurements

Modloft Netta Left Chaise in Feather Gray Fabric

Take into consideration the space availability while you shop for outdoor furniture. Take the measurements of your place and keep proportion in mind. Oversized pieces of furniture can make small outdoor spaces appear more insignificant. But large patios need furniture pieces that are big enough.


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