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Lexington Avondale Glenwood Cocktail Table

Perfect Coffee Tables Buying Guide

A coffee table is that functional furniture piece that won’t only add dimensions to your space but can also tie a setting together. Today, coffee tables come in countless shapes and material options, but much before you buy them, it becomes important to evaluate them in your space. Take a look at some of these décor tips to make your search easy.

Barclay Butera Brentwood Doheny Rectangular Cocktail Table

Access Your Room

Begin by assessing your space where you want your coffee table to be. Note down your room’s size, the wall colors, and also take into consideration the ceiling height for an appropriate table ceiling height ratio. You should also plan according to your existing furniture. Measure the area dedicated to the table with painter’s tape. The thumb rule says that you should place your coffee table 18 inches from the end of the other sofa’s or chair’s seats.

Lexington Carlyle Pierre Square Cocktail Table

Decide Your Purpose

You have planned to buy a new coffee table but what will be its purpose? Will you use it to serve snacks and drinks while hosting dinner parties or do you want one just to be placed between your sectionals to complete the set? Give some thought about the purpose for a perfect selection when you look at different tables.

Lexington Avondale Glenwood Cocktail Table


The right shape of the coffee table is the key to perfect balance and practicality. You can find coffee tables in various shapes to complements your space. Square coffee tables look good in rooms with love seats, sectionals, or bigger sofas while the rectangular ones won’t occupy much space. Oval and coffee tables are good to opt for in households with children as there are no pointed corners.

Lexington Avondale Clarendon Upholstered Cocktail Table


The material you choose for your table will depend a lot on the size and the table’s functions. For instance, a wood coffee table can make your space look warm and cozy and will look good in places with larger rooms and higher ceilings. Glass coffee tables, with thin metallic legs, look amazing when paired with large couches with fluffy cushions or rooms with several decorations and will also prevent the room from looking cluttered. If the rest of the furniture in your room is of wood, metallic coffee tables can create a focal point and give your space an updated look.

Lexington Santana Proximity Square Cocktail Table


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