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WINTER SALE: SALE 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
WINTER SALE: SALE 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Reinvent Your Home With John Richard Furniture

Reinvent Your Home With John Richard Furniture

Your personal taste is reflected in how you decorate your home. Before you decide on your new furniture it’s good to consider the space availability and more importantly the budget. Take into consideration the given below tips to ensure that your home looks timeless and luxurious. 

Mix the Old and New Décor

John Richard Marimo Cocktail Table

A mix of antique and vintage pieces along with modern furniture pieces, and balancing out the colors along can create a perfect looking space. 

Go for the Detailing

John Richard Allegro Three Drawer Console Table


Furniture pieces like consoles, cabinets and more become all the more appealing when they have architectural details on them. You can look for unique accent tables that offer a clean and clutter-free look and have detailing like metal ferruled legs, golden or silver leaves, custom pulls and more. You can go for other pieces like those that have some crown detailing, chair rails, high baseboard, or ones with cabriole legs and more to get a glamorous look. Purchasing unique sideboards for decoration is worth it. 

Contemporary designs in Metallic

John Richard Sculpted Console Table in Antique Brass

One way to instantly add some fancy elements to the home and make a statement is to use metallic tones. It automatically creates an expansive feeling without making your pocket empty. Go for contemporary nightstands with glossy paints and finishes to add a wow factor. Not just furniture pieces, but other home décor accessories like decorative wall mirrors, pendant lights, and wall sconces in metallic finishes can add glitz and glams instantly. 

Mix of Textures

John Richard I Dream Of Agate Four Door Cabinet

For a creative and luxurious look, you can also go for a layered and thoughtful mix of materials and textures to give your space look custom-designed. You can mix wood, metals, glass, textiles, leather, and other items to create a dynamic looking and inviting space. Do not overdo the same and let your room come together naturally.


Going for the right color palettes, choosing good quality items, and shopping wisely are some of the best ways to create a high-end look for the home. Explore John Richard collection and other top brands at Grayson Luxury- A one-stop destination for most luxurious and exotic looking furniture pieces and home décor accessories. 

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