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WINTER SALE: SALE 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Setting Up A Family Room: Use These Modern Ideas

Setting Up A Family Room: Use These Modern Ideas

A beautiful family room should offer comfort and it should also be multi-functional. Creating this space for kids and adults can be done by a smart choice of furniture pieces, easy organization, and nice color options. Follow these ideas for designing your family room and that combines style with function and relief.

Decorate Your Space

Caracole Upholstery Hour Time Sofa

Family rooms should be fun and with plenty of colors and patterns, you can create a sophisticated vibe. Since family rooms involve kids, choose fabrics and upholstery that are durable and covers that are washable. Decorate the walls of your home with wall decorations or family photos.

Smart Furniture Sense

Caracole Upholstery Just Coasting Sofa

Family rooms should create togetherness and open living spaces are the best for this purpose. Adults can easily work in the kitchen while the kids can enjoy the accent chairs for the living room or do homework sitting in comfort with the dining room table and chairs. For the open space, concept keeps these distinct areas unified by using the same color scheme throughout and dividing the activity zones using furniture pieces.

Storage Friendly Furniture Pieces

John Richard Faux Bois Three-Door Credenza

Clutter can’t be avoided in a family room and this can be tackled by designing storage into your area’s design. Your kids items in the family room should be within an easy reach. Use chests that can be doubled to store their toys and can also serve the purpose of an accent table. The top platform can be used for display while the lower shelves can be used to keep books and baskets for toys.

Comfortable Furniture and Easy Maintenance Fabrics

Caracole Upholstery Under Currents Sectional Sofa

Lounging becomes perfect with deep couches. Accentuate them with multiple pillows and throws so that everyone in the room is comfortable while they sit, lay, play or even and cuddle. When it comes to the fabrics and upholstery, go for durable heavy-weight and easy cleaning upholstery fabrics like velvet, denim, twill and more. Leather is also one of the great options when it comes to selecting upholstery for the family rooms. Family-friendly homes should use leather as it is easy to wipe clean, is comparatively tough and looks best once broken in.


Use these ideas for a perfect family room decoration and design and create a space that every member will love. Explore more at Grayson Luxury - A one-stop destination for luxurious and exotic looking furniture pieces and home décor accessories that includes an unprecedented selection of comfortable family room furniture and several décor items for an enhanced appeal.

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