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Styling Tips For Your Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are simply amazing for a variety of reasons. They are a perfect way to showcase favorite frames and photos and now have become an important home décor trend that is definitely here to stay. A well-laid gallery wall, not just allows you to display all of your favorites, but at the same time also provides endless visual interest to any room. Here are some of the best gallery wall inspirations put together.

Four Hands Anthony By Ryann Ford NM 2

Antique Gallery Wall

Antiques are exquisite and you can create an unforgettable wall décor by mixing some modern and vintage stuff together. You can display a lovely assortment of antiqued paintings on a completely blank wall. Also, try that while putting together a gallery wall, you can give it a cohesive look. You can also enhance the space by mixing and matching some materials and colors like that of the textiles and fabrics in the room. Just ensure that your arrangement doesn't look cluttered.

Surya Wall Decor SAN-1001

Above the Couch

A wide and blank wall behind the wall is too boring and if you too are struggling to fill the space, then we have you covered. There are numerous ways to create a well-planned and beautiful gallery wall above your sofa-sectional.

Surya Eternal

Once you choose the appropriate pictures for your gallery wall, it's a good idea to layout your design on the floor before you hang pictures on the wall. This way, you can easily visualize how everything will look together before you commit to putting it on your wall. You can later arrange them in various patterns and shapes, combining picture frames of different sizes.

Surya Eternal AB295A-001

Colorful Gallery Wall

When it comes to decorating walls with pops of colors, it is absolutely best to fill the wall with patterns. Patterns are fundamental building blocks of décor, and you can use anything from bold to bright ones. You can display some animal print fabric along with art pieces to capture more attention. A nice wallpaper or stencil design as the canvas also works great for such a gallery wall.

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