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The Best Way To Clean Your Bathroom Mirrors | Tips For Streak-Free Mirror

The Best Way To Clean Your Bathroom Mirrors | Tips For Streak-Free Mirror

The décor of your house is essential for creating a unique ambiance. A well kept and decorated place can boost your spirit on a bad day and keep you motivated throughout. Proper home décor can create a luxurious feel and raise the value of the house.

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Many valuable home décor items can be used as decorative pieces also. We use mirrors every day, but we usually keep in only at a few selected places in your house, such as your bathroom. Tip: Mirrors have a significant impact on your home décor, and you should use them as a fundamental part of your décor idea. When used with the right combination of lights, mirrors could be impactful to the décor of your house.

This article will give you an insight into the importance of mirrors in your home décor and how to keep them spotless.

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Importance of Mirrors

The impact of mirrors, to a great extent, in your house, depends on the placement. As such, it becomes crucial to ensure that you put them in the right place. For instance, you can install beautiful mirrors to add a welcoming feel for your guests. You can use the combo of mirrors and lights to illuminate a room or an area of your house.

Keeping Your Mirrors Clean

Here is a list of steps you can take to ensure that mirrors in your house are spotless.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

Let’s begin with things you should avoid doing when cleaning your mirror. People often use the same acidic and abrasive cleaning solution to clean the mirror that they use for other items. It can significantly damage the mirrors in your home. Besides, don’t spray the agent directly on the mirrors’ surface, apply it first on the cloth to avoid “black edge” on the surface. Black edges on mirrors are a result of moisture or harsh chemicals exposing the reflective silver on the back of a mirror. 

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The Cleaning Solution

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Choosing the right cleaning solution is an important part of the entire process. For instance, you can use cotton cleaning rag, rubbing alcohol, and white vinegar. Don’t soak your mirror in a cleaning solution as it might become hard to dry it off.

Post Cleaning

Preventive maintenance is critical to ensure that your mirrors remain clean for long. Avoid placing a mirror in an open area such as a balcony or near your window. If you want to keep the mirror clean, then don't touch the mirrors' surface directly.

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Use these tips to use mirrors in your home décor and to ensure their maintenance. To know about different types of mirrors and other décor items, visit Grayson Luxury - A one-stop destination for the most luxurious home décor items, including an unprecedented selection of quality beds.

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