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WINTER SALE: GET 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Lexington Oyster Bay Merrick Swivel Counter Stool

Tips For Setting Up Your Own Home Bar

You can create a home bar that is both stylish and functional. Using some simple, affordable ways you can create a stylish home bar that looks luxurious and has character. Take a look at some of these tips to create a fashionable at-home bar. Here is a beautiful Lexington Oyster Bay Merrick Swivel Counter Stool, take a look.

Lexington Oyster Bay Merrick Swivel Counter Stools

Add Comfortable Seating

Any bar is incomplete without some fashionable, comfortable seating. You can get a nice leather sofa for family and friends or perch on an ottoman with drinks. If you need something minimal, opt for wooden home bar chairs while if you need a contemporary look, choose shaped bar stools with and without backs. For example, you can take this Lexington Avondale Northbrook Bar Stool.

Lexington Avondale Northbrook Bar Stool

Purchase Functional Small Storage

The right-sized bar with enough storage is the key to a stylish and space-saving bar space. You can invest in some small storage containers on the countertops or shelves to keep the space organized and clutter-free. Have a look at this wonderful Lexington Carlyle Hemsley Upholstered Bar Stool.

Lexington Carlyle Hemsley Upholstered Bar Stool

Your cabinet and storage must complement the rest of the aesthetics. For a traditional ornate unit and to keep a mix of tools and utensils, opt for a dark wood finish. Wire baskets are ideal for grouping your glassware and offer an industrial look. For low-line units, floating shelves above the unit can help increase its functionality. Barclay Butera Newport Jade Bar Chest On Stand is a beautifully designed bar cabinet, that can add more glamour to your home bar.

Barclay Butera Newport Jade Bar Chest On Stand

Create Your Own Lighting Style

If you have a living room with a bar, ensure that the lighting in your space is right. Try to create a soulful ambiance with some low, mellow lighting that matches the atmosphere and helps create an organic atmosphere. Inside the storage compartments and near the chairs and stools, choose a different lamp or bulb type depending on what matches your bar style. Have a look at this beautiful Tommy Bahama Home Ocean Breeze Jensen Beach Bar.

Tommy Bahama Home Ocean Breeze Jensen Beach Bar

If you want that your lighting fixture acts as a focal point, invest in statement-making pendant lights that suit contemporary and transitional-style home bars. While if you need to create a space that is rustic and affordable, then consider buying some fairy or string lights. Have a look at this Lexington Ariana Cheval Bar Cabinet below.

Lexington Ariana Cheval Bar Cabinet

Try a Corner Bar Cabinet

If you want to create a fashionable at-home bar but have limited space availability, then invest in a corner bar cabinet. This way you can store more alcohol, rack your beverage glasses, and even prepare your cocktail garnishes.

Lexington Macarthur Park Getty Counter Stool

Not just your living room, you can place them even in your dining room, study, or kitchen. If space is a problem, you can invest in a shorter corner bar cabinet with a sizable countertop: that doubles both as tables or desks. You can even opt for a cabinet with castors that are easy to move when you want to create space for other activities. You can also go for an arrangement like below, with Lexington Tower Place La Salle Bar Stool.

Lexington Tower Place La Salle Bar Stool


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