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Tips To Set-up A Great Relaxing Corner At Home During Pandemic

Everyone has a different definition of a Zen den. For some, it can be an entire room, while for others it might be a cozy nook next to a window. Be it any case, the idea is to create a peaceful relaxing corner away from the chaos of everyday life. With some easy ideas and tips, you can also create your own Zen den.

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Plan Your Concept of Zen Den

To design your own retreat, first decide on how you want to use the space. Whether you wish to use the area to read your favorite book and sip a cup of tea? In this case, all you need is comfy chairs and a feasibly sized side table. Likewise, if you want a relaxing corner to meditate, then you might want space to lay down a mat or floor cushion. Once you have your purpose of Zen den in mind, allocate the area of your home that meets your criteria.

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Choosing Right Room

You can use any spare room for this purpose. If no room is spare, then even a corner of your favorite room can work well. Select a corner of your living room or bedroom that can serve as your personal quiet space. Ideally, your Zen den should be away from the home’s high-traffic areas – away from entrances or kitchen. Also, the place should be away from the kid’s room.

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Consider Balcony Spaces

If you aren’t able to find quieter spaces inside the home, you can create your peaceful corner in the balcony or back porch, where you will get fresh air too. Install a nice lounge chair or a swing and relax!

Tommy Bahama Home Ocean Club Salina Chair

Lighting Matters

Zen if created indoors, a space with good lighting is essential. In any room, natural light is amazing as it will instantly enhance your mood and get you started for the day actively. The spot in any room can be near to a window so you can experience the sunrise and relax. For the nighttime, there should be enough decorative lighting in any room. Chandeliers, pendant lights, wall-sconces, lampshades are some options to consider.

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Appropriate Furniture

Furniture and interior decor also play an important role in deciding the space's soothing atmosphere. There should always be enough soft accessories like throws, blankets, rugs, etc. that too in light shades around. Your furniture can be of any type, these textures can help calm your senses in any room. Always remember, in such spaces ‘Less is more.’ Your Zen den should be free of clutter to prevent much distraction.

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