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Types Of Lamp Shades You Should Know About

Lampshades come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. While colors and shapes are subjective, form, and function are important to consider. Read to know more about different kinds of lampshades.

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Table Lamps

Table lamps can improve the room’s ambiance and are of different types.

Baccarat Torch Lamp

Accent Lamps

These lamps provide ambient light to make a personal style statement. Use them to add a whimsical decorative touch. They can infuse some vibrant color, add some curves and texture, to your space.

Global Views Babylon Floor Lamp

Reading Lamps

Insufficient light can cause eyes to strain. Get a nice reading lamp that will provide a brightly focused light and can adapt to changing conditions, with dimmers for you to adjust the light in the day or by the bedside at night.

Baccarat Mille Nuits Lamp

Desk Lamps

A desk lamp is important for lighting a home office. A desk lamp provides reading light to accommodate items across the tabletop. While some have tilting shades, some come with adjustable arms and neck to cover the entire desktop area.

Baccarat Eye Lamp

Floor Lamps

These extremely versatile tall lamps can light up the entire room because of their large scale. They are usually placed behind sofas or in the room’s corners. They too are of various types.

Global Views Bulb Floor Lamp

Console or Shaded Floor Lamps

These large standing lamps have statuesque bodies with straight pole-like spindles and are usually used for decoration. They have a wide and stable base and usually use drum shades.

Global Views Tortoise Drum Lamp

Torchiere Floor Lamps

They are similar to Console lamps but have inverted shades that direct light toward the ceiling, to reflect and give ambient light. They resemble torches and are positioned at the room’s corners.

Global Views Ombre Trumpet Desk Lamp

Arc Floor Lamps

They are sleek, modern floor lamps with a long curving arm and a heavy base. They’re often used in living rooms in lounge areas with multiple chairs and sofa-sectional.

Zuo Waterloo Floor Lamp White & Brushed Brass

Track Tree Floor Lamps

These dynamic floor lamps resemble a tree with the main body that branches into three or more arms to help focus light in any number of directions. Use them as an accent piece or provide direct light to any area. Some popular types are known as octopus, spider, and multi-arm floor lamps.

Global Views Celeste Floor Lamp

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps help in both task and ambient lighting and are more substantial in design and function. They are used in horizontal places where a desk lamp can’t be used.

Global Views Lily Pad Wall Sconce

Swingarm Wall Lamps

These handy wall lights are designed with adjustable arms that you can swing. They make it easy for you to move the lighting source that makes these lamps ideal for reading or undertake some precision tasks where close-up and direct light is needed.

Global Views Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Accordion Arm Wall Lamps

It features a multi-jointed accordion-like arm that extends and retracts in one direction while the shade is moved manually. It offers an industrial steampunk look and is a better choice aesthetically than a functional one.

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