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Ways To Enhance Home Décor With Vases

Ways To Enhance Home Décor With Vases

If you think of home decor, then there are endless possibilities. Vases are available in a wide assortment of materials, colors, sizes, textures, and designs that can be used in all kinds of unique ways. Take a look at the various ways to showcase these vases in your home.

Install Floor Vases

<b>John Richard Verdi Forest and Champagne Vase II</b>

Corners are difficult to fill with furniture pieces, and one of the simplest solutions is to use floor decorative vases. Floor vases are usually available in multiple shapes and sizes. One interesting way of floor vase installation is to get one glass vase, add some string lights to it and add that illumination to your reading nook, for the magic to work in your reading hours. You can also go for some solid color floor vases and add some florals or faux and hide your imperfect floor bottoms if any. And not just that, get a big floor vase for your empty corner and let it make a wonderful standalone décor piece.

Get Home Some Crystal Vases

John Richard Organic Cut Crystal Vase

In some clear crystal or glass vases, you can place small pebbles, sand or even, for instance, tall pine cones and place it somewhere at the prominent place. Some seashells, sea glasses with water can also be added n the water for a distinctive look.

Dining Table Vase

John Richard Quartz-Embellished Pod Vase

Don’t just let your centerpiece vases be kept only in the living area or on the floor. Host them on your dining table instead and create an environment for a welcoming dinner for your friends and family. Some green elements can be added for a natural touch inside the home, or you can even stash an empty vase and ensure that the dining table isn’t looking much blank.

Go Creative

John Richard Branch-Encased Vase

At times simple standing vases can feel a little out of place. Adding some books under the vases can turn out to be an interesting practice. Just place a few white books underneath, that will give your decorative vase a little height, and also act as a solid base along with combining textures.


Enhance your home decor with vases and make it look like one-of-a-kind. Explore more about decorating vases at Grayson Luxury– A one-stop-shop for luxurious furniture pieces and interior décor accessories for homes and offices.

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