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Free Shipping for Orders Over $799+ | COVID-19 Update
Free Shipping for Orders Over $799+ | COVID-19 Update

Faux Florals

  • John Richard Fiddle-Leaf Fig

    A fiddle-leaf fig in a white glazed pottery pot with natural mood moss.

  • John Richard Succulent Aloes

    Succulent aloes.

  • John Richard Enchanting Dendrobiums

    Enchanting dendrobiums.

  • John Richard Natural Banana Tree

    This specific banana foliage is a custom design exclusive to John-Richard.

  • John Richard Phalaenopsis Orchid

    A black cube planter with phalaenopsis orchids and succulent.

  • John Richard Impressive Touch

    Impressive touch.

  • John Richard Allium Grass

    A crusty garden pot filled with natural bright grass and faux allium.

  • John Richard Water Lilies II

    Three rectangular vases on a black wooden base with sunset orange lilies resting on natural bamboo in faux water.

  • John Richard Date Palm

    A large date palm with natural preserved palm fronds and natural palm tree boots in an organic stone planter. Disclaimer: Requires a controlled at...

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  • John Richard Organic Orchid

    Organic orchid. Sold only in multiples of four.

  • John Richard Mississippi Maple

    Mississippi maple.

  • John Richard Fiesta

    A bouquet of color with tulips, peonies, snowballs, and freesias in a cube-style vase and faux water.

  • John Richard Daredevil


  • John Richard Simply Tulips

    A bouquet of Dutch tulips in a clear, concave vase and faux water.

  • John Richard The Perfect Rose

    The rose is a symbol of beauty and perfection. For centuries its petals have contributed to the creation of perfumes, creams, and divine products.

  • John Richard Heavenly Peonies

    Simple and elegant white peonies in faux water.

  • John Richard Hydrangea Row

    Faux water in a glass cube with rows of tone-on-tone cream and green hydrangeas resting on a bed of chartreuse green berries.

  • John Richard Silver Phals

    A chrome, canoe-style vase filled with jazzy white orchids held high with chrome wire circles.

  • John Richard Succulent Garden

    A long and low canoe-style bowl with a mercury finish filled with succulents.

  • John Richard Artichoke Row

    A low-sided cube-style vase with fresh-look artichokes and chartreuse berries.

  • John Richard Palm Blades II

    Alluring alturo grass and sabal palm soar over a natural glazed pottery urn in a bronze-toned metal stand.

  • John Richard Asian Pear Blossom

    A black wood vase with a lattice structure and Asian pear blossoms.

  • John Richard Graphic Branches

    Graphic-styled apple and pear blossoms stand tall in a long and narrow, polished aluminum container.

  • John Richard Milan

    A white urban planter with a white phalaenopsis orchid tied to a bamboo pole.