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WINTER SALE: GET 15% OFF WITH CODE WINTER15 ON $2,000 (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Home Office Furniture

Set Up Your Home Office In The Best Way With These Tips

Professionals from all around are working from home because of the Corona Virus pandemic situation. With Wi-Fi and other professional apps, working from home is great – no isolated cubicles, noisy co-workers, no need to commute and many more, but at the same time it has its own challenges. TV, chores, kids, pets, family and numerous distractions all are a step away. But, despite all, online work from home can be effective with added productivity and increased focus with some of these tips.

Caracole Classic Moment Of Clarity Desk

Ergonomic and Comfortable Furnishings

Minimalism is trending these days. Hiding the clutter is another thing to be kept in mind. Bring a sturdy, durable storage desk to promote efficiency and keep all your laptops, charging cords, mobile phones, etc. Give yourself an accent armchair with comfortable upholstery or adjustable chair. Moreover, you need to get some file cabinets or credenza that won’t just look good but will also keep all your files and documents out of sight. Place your desk and chair on some geometric rug for added layer and warmth. Rug won’t just add to the visual interest but will also promote sound absorption.

Caracole Modern Edge Occasional Vector Etagere

Illuminate Your Surroundings

If you work a lot with the laptop and computer screen, then you need enough lighting to prevent that eye-strain and headache. Natural light is great to make your workroom look spacious. Open up the windows to let sunlight in. But sunlight is not sufficient and you also need some ambient light near your work station to prevent your eyes from working too hard.

Caracole Work Force Desk

Beautiful Décor

Working from home can really get hard when you need to look for some motivation all around. You can simply inspire productivity by making use of comfortable colors. Drench in some color, cover the desk with some colorful faux floral, colorful figurines, colorful coasters and trays to keep snacks and beverages, etc. Paint the walls, get new textured wallpapers or just make use of one neutral color palette to make your space look bigger.

Caracole Half The Time Desk


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